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Irene Vouros

Vasilios Vouros

Trademark Construction LLC

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Design/Build + Full-Service Remodeler

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BEST PRACTICE: At Trademark Comtruction in Baltimore. we set client Am.% from the very beginning (initial call) Everyone from the office assistants to carpenters are trained by the owner to run the company idle it rs Nor own company. As someone who A passionate about running his own business. Vasibos has set high standards for his company, ensuring all clients receive Moh-quality craftsmanship from construchon teams nth strong work ethic. Be believes in providing excellent customer service to every client ensuring they’re sansfied with the work Ms crew does.

Vasilios Vouros

Trademark Construction LLC

Md trademarkconstruct.com

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    Full-service Remodelar.

“Happy customcrs arc our most valuabk award.° In order to achieve the goal, I emphasize high-quality customer service. Thus, I follow and apply in very customer intcraaion two basic tactics, open honat communication and a high lacl of work cthic. Open communica-tion means livrni ng io what the cu sro ma has to say, quick responses to every question, issue or concernso the customer can be relieved from stras right away: honest and reliable disciesion of service and products; usagc of an app that connccts our customers right away any time that can also store all information about their job safely for years; and customer come first. A high level of work ethic means our crews and staff arc counco. and professionals, respectful, hornst and responsive. All the time, you need to remember one thing: Your customers arc very important if you want to grow and stay in business for a long time. They spend thousands of dollars on mmodeling. and A A normal for them to worry and get stressed out about it. Just get the stress out of them.