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After you have done your research about our company, you have numerous reasons why you should work with Trademark Construction on your next home improvement project.

The Home Improvement Process is easy!

  • Call Us
  • Ask Questions
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Design-Build Agreement
  • Personalized Design Plan
  • Final Contract

Start by scheduling a phone consultation with us so we can discuss your goals. Just give us a call at 410-633-2308, or complete our appointment form, and our knowledgeable receptionist, will help you start the process.

Our receptionist can answer any questions you may have, discuss your project in depth and provide you with additional information regarding our company and even some times to give you budget ideas. If you feel that Trademark Construction is a good fit for your next remodeling project, we will schedule an appointment, which is convenient for you, with one of our qualified remodeling Designer / Estimator

You will then meet with one of our experienced estimators and discuss your remodeling plan in depth, at your home. Through our 17 years of service we can tell you that no two renovation projects are alike. This is exactly why we tailor a customized design and renovation plan to meet your individual requirements such as design, budget . Remember a design  or plans needed to avoid 1 million issues during the remodeling .  Financing options can also be discussed during this stage.

After our initial consultation at your home, we will schedule a meeting with you in our showroom to review our proposal. After the proposal has been presented, we proceed to the design build agreement, where we formalize the project details, and you will be required to deposit a small fee that addresses the paperwork and your initial design needs.

Following this, we proceed to the material selection step, wherein you make your choice of materials, whether it’s for your bathroom flooring, or kitchen cabinets. Our expert design professionals will then render a plan that meets your requirements. Once we have the master plan in place, we are able to give you a more detailed breakdown of the estimated costs. We will always try to present our customers with multiple solutions, all within their budget, so they can choose what appeals the best to them. You can even ask us to make adjustments on these designs, before we finalize the plan.

Following this, the final contract will be drawn out, the construction plan is scheduled and you can watch your dream home renovation materialize into reality.